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5 Questions for Business Success

To build anything, you need REALLY good FOUNDATIONS. And the foundations of any business can be built on the answers the following 5 simple questions.


Who are your customers?

You need to get REAL specific on who you are selling to. Believe me, it will make it easier for you.

Is your MAIN target men or women? What age range? Is your end user the same person as the purchaser? If not, which are you marketing/selling to?

What do they want?

I hate to break it to you but customers don’t want your product or service! They really don’t.

What they want is a solution to a problem that they are experiencing.

So figure out what problem it is you are solving …

For example I help bust the jargon surrounding marketing so that small business owners can understand how they can use it to build their customer base.

Why can you help them?

Why should they choose you? Why is your product/service worth investing in?

You need to be able to explain or demonstrate the advantages of your service/product.

When will they purchase your offering?

Is your product more useful at certain times of year? Will you need differing marketing campaigns during the year.

Eg Accountants at Tax Return time / Anti-freeze sales / Easter egg designs.

Planning your marketing around a calendar of events is the ideal way to ensure your marketing is on point through out the year and that the right message is being sent out at the right time.

Where do they hang out?

If you’re going to go fishing you need to know where the fish are. And the same applies to marketing your business.

If your customers are mums who hang out on Pinterest or Mumsnet, there’s not much point in spending all your time or budget on Facebook.

Working out your WHO your client is will help define WHERE they are.

Ready? Get to it ...