Nicholas R. Van Der Meulen

My name is Nicholas R. Van Der Meulen, lifetime member of the Cryonics Institute and fully funded with Suspended Animation. Annually I attend cryonics members only conferences in Las Vegas and Ontario for discussing the state of cryonics. Mother Board Vice features me in a documentary about trans-humanism where I am filmed at the church of Perpetual Life and inside my house in my EMT uniform. The Singularity Weblog published an article I wrote called Living Indefinitely Within the Parameters of the Universe. Even over the local radio I have explained cryonics to many people. On in the third newsletter I wrote two pages of information pertaining to myself and specifically how to better the very state of cryonics. Currently I am also a biotechnology student who is 21 years of age. A book called The Case Report of Amber Sky that fully encompasses all aspects of cryonics, indefinite lifespan, and trans-humanism is attached to this message. I am the sole author of the book. It is designed so that it may be filmed as a movie in order to educate the world about the only alternative to death, cryonics. The preface is totally factual and very informative, I believe that you would enjoy my preface oh so much. Then the story itself is non-fiction until I provide an accurate depiction of the future. Not only does it explain what cryonics is and how to pay for cryonics, it explains why thousands have already signed a cryonic suspension agreement. To experience the next stages of human evolution.