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About Me

Hi, I'm Noriko, an Asian American knitwear and crochet designer!  This is my Payhip shop where you can purchase my designs to make your own knit and crochet wear. <3

I’ve discovered a true passion for colors, and love to combine them in various ways. Anytime I find a fun yarn, these days, I’m trying to pair it up with other colorways!  I think you'll find this reflected in most of my designs.  :o)

Pay What Works: Inspired by the models of other designers that I trust and respect, I’m now offering a “Pay What Works” model. I like this model because it accurately reflects the pride that I take in all of my designs and the effort that I put into them, while staying true to my heart: that knitting should be accessible to everyone, no matter what their current life situation.

I’m offering coupon codes to let you “choose your price” for each pattern. Each of the codes will adjust the cost of the pattern to the final cost listed (the cost listed is what you pay, not the discount amount). Please choose a price that you feel represents my work, but that also allows you to take joy in knitting each pattern without stress or financial burden.

The codes will work across your entire cart.

Please note for those located in Europe that VAT is applied at checkout.

Other ways to support my work is through leaving a tip via Ko-Fi, or becoming a supporter via Patreon.