Odd Moe

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Angel Investor and TEDx speaker. Blogs at VikingAngels.com and OddMoe.com. My first entrepreneurial experience was when my father and I found a small field of chives. which I bundled with a pipe cleaner and sold it in the neighborhood of my small hometown Øksfjord for 1 NOK with tremendous profit until the source snowed down. I consider myself as a “self-made man” and an entrepreneur at heart. That is the backdrop and here is a list of some of the startups and projects I have founded/cofounded; Agaton – Rockband (1983) Loppakroa – Local pub in Øksfjord (1987) Bioscan Project – Large Renewable energy project (1993 – 1995) Norbio Energy AS – Renewable energy project sold to Statoil (1995) Global Direct Europe AS – Early version of LinkedIn ( 1998) First Tuesday Trondheim (1999) Roomaccess Ltd/Ziteco AS – Hospitality in-room system (2002) Seed Forum – Investor matchmaking (2003) The Entrepreneurs House – Gründernes Hus AS – Coworking space (2011)