Oliver Jackson

Oliver Jackson was born in 1987 in a little town called Haywards Heath, placed at 36 miles (58 km) south of London and 14 miles (23 km) north of Brighton, England. He studied at University of London and succesfully graduated the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing. Since he was a child he has been attracted by Physics, Chemistry, science and technology, domains which he has explored in his improvised labs from his parents’ garage. Even now he is in a continuous process of learning and experimenting this domains. Seeing the issues from the thermal technologies and the limited thinking of those who design them, he started to search for sustainable and efficient solutions that can offer the thermal needs for a home in winter time but, at the same time, they don’t have to endanger the environment and the ecosystems it encompasses. In the last years he had studied mostly the heating systems and the technologies available on the market and the surprise was to find out that there are plenty of sustainable and efficient technologies. He also discovered different types of technologies that can provide the thermal needs for our homes in an efficient and ecological way, cheaper than the technologies that burn gases or solid or liquid fuels.