One Heart One Love

We met with an instant divine connection on the deepest soul level. The attraction to one another compelled us to move through all obstacles, blockages and unhealed wounds against all odds. Coming from two very different lives, different experiences, with different learnings we however found that what we shared was similar enough to understand the pain the other was going through enough to assist with becoming a reflection for the other to view. Time and time again we were led to open our heart spaces wider and wider to expand to heal ourselves on all levels. It is Love that has been at the beginning, middle and end of each and every clear challenge we have moved through to own this time and claim back the Love in our Hearts that we were born with. We are all born with pure Love, as a beautiful being of Love and Light. This is our divine inheritance to recall back what and who we truly are to lead this life from the perspective of the Soul having a human experience. For us there has been no other way but to look at each situation we confront with a full clear perspective based on learning from the experience. When your heart is open and awakened to Love there is nothing hidden, nothing left behind to cause wounds at a later day, nothing too great to not be able to overcome. So it has been, that we have encountered many obstacles, healed many emotions, any physical dis-eases and freed ourselves from the slavery of the Ego and live our lives in complete service to humanity. It is through Love that we can truly share all that has revealed itself to us, in the hope that we can offer our own journeys to assist another on their own journey. We now offer our Love and learnings to you through many vehicles, through this E-book, our Facebook page (One Heart One Love) and through our presentations.