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Affirmations for Joy & Happiness


Affirmations for Love


Affirmations for Soulpreneurs


Affirmations Money Flow


Affirmations Money Flow


Akashic Micro Super Nova - Detailed Read


Akashic Nova - Soul Gifts, Talents, Trainings & Origins


Akashic Star - Soul Gifts & Talents


Akashic Super Nova - Detailed Read + Energy Session


Chakra Description Chart


Distance Session 30 minutes


Divine Feminine - Energy Session


Divine Mother - Energy Session


Energetic Attunement


Heartbeat Reiki Music


About Me

Welcome Passionate Soul

Here you will find all you need to learn Reiki online and at home, as well as the other products I offer to help bring balance to your Body, Mind, and Soul. I’m excited to provide you with these energetic tools which have helped myself, family, and friends.

My name is PrisCilla and I am Spirit & Biz Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Akashic Records Reader.

My passion is guiding and empowering Sensitive Souls through the transformation to Passionate Souls, in both their personal and their business lives. 

If you have any questions go ahead and contact me: or through Instagram/Facebook.