pepi vilana

I was born in a small village near Barcelona, called Palau de Plegamans, in 1975. When I was 13 years old I started work as a private lessons teacher. When I finished my studies of Economy I started work as a teacher at PIA school. When I had finished at work I like climbed mountains. My parents don’t understand why I climbed mountains so I wrote my first book “La conquesta del cim” (The summit conquest) and years later I wrote my second book “El sueño del Kilimanjaro. Diario de una expedición” (The dream of the Kilimanjaro, an expedition diary). Last year I published my third book “Mamá,papá. Estoy aquí” (Mum, dad. I’m here). In this book I talked about four kinds of teenagers and how affect them their family problems. And now I’m writting my first book write in english and my first detective novel, “Murder in Kathmandú”. I hope pleasantly surprise all my readers.