Prince Joe Maina

Hello friend and WELCOME!
My name is Prince Joe Maina a.k.a PJOE currently based in Nakuru - Kenya, East Africa.

I'm an Independent Business Owner, a Diamond Leader and an ETF Trading Investor working with Four Corners Alliance Group - A Registered USA based financial education company that has been in business for OVER 7 years. I'm also a BITCOIN enthusiast accumulating my BITCOIN daily and PASSIONATELY building my crypto assets portfolio on my journey to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I'm also privileged to be the Team Leader for The Million Dollar Money Team (TMDMT)™, a WORLDWIDE team of ONLINE entrepreneurs which partnered with 4Corners as from the 14th July 2016.

We are COMMITTED to overcoming and eradicating poverty, unemployment and financial struggles as we educate, train, guide, support and motivate EVERYONE globally to MAKE and INVEST their MONEY and CREATE lasting WEALTH while working ONLINE!

Much APPRECIATION goes to the 4Corners CEO and founder, Mr. David Harrison who created an AMAZING e-commerce platform for ANYONE from ANYWHERE 18 years and above who wishes to CHANGE their financial story as they seek to understand MONEY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP in a whole NEW level, ENJOY the full benefits of the digital economy and also CREATE generational WEALTH with our brand NEW world class Financial Education Club (FEC) investment program.

If you are looking for a POWERFUL, AFFORDABLE, and a FAST growing BUSINESS that you can do in your own time and at the COMFORT of your home and a PLATFORM that allows you to start ACCUMULATING WEALTH in preparation for your retirement then PLEASE pay CLOSE ATTENTION and CONGRATULATIONS because YOU HAVE just FOUND ONE!!

I ASSURE you company and FULL team SUPPORT 24 hours a day and THROUGHOUT the year with top of the line financial, IT and business TOOLS to make this POSSIBLE! The CRITICAL question is, do you THINK you are the RIGHT PERSON for this AMAZING OFFER? And, are you WILLING to MAKE it WORK for YOU?
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