Prince J. MaDe

Hello friend and welcome! Please allow me share with you my financial and business story. I'm an Independent Business Owner (IBO) working with 4Corners, a BITCOIN enthusiast accumulating my BITCOIN daily and passionately building my Crypto Assets Portfolio on my journey to Financial Freedom. I'm also privileged to be the Team Leader in service for The Million Dollar Money Team (TMDMT)™, a global support and a workforce that joined forces with 4Corners on 13th July 2016. We are changing the lives of many each day and that's our pride! Working from home and at our convenience is really a DREAM come true for most of my teammates and for me since we discovered This Brand New, Worldwide home-based 4x6 business structure that is POWERFUL, AFFORDABLE, and FAST growing! Much appreciation goes to the CEO and founder of 4Corners, David Harrison who created this amazing e-commerce platform for anyone from anywhere who wishes to change their financial story as they seek to understand the language of money at its best and also to enjoy the full benefits of the digital economy. I'm now more than delighted that my financial future is secure even as much as I passionately continue to impact my generation and also participate in poverty eradication, overcoming and ending financial struggles and unemployment in our communities! Are you looking for part/full time income streams that will help you build on your net-worth & your dreams and not just make your ends meet & pay your bills? If you are serious about starting up your own home-based online business with a minimum capital of less than 30 US Dollars one time payment and with no risks at all as you watch it grow into a million dollar business making you over $2.8 Million within a reasonable period of less than 5 years, then I got your back! You Will Also Be Earning Weekly Passive Income During Our Premier Weekly Program. I assure you company and full team support 24 hours a day in a week and through out the year with top of the line financial and business tools to make this possible! The critical question is, do you think you are the right person for this amazing business? And, are you willing to make it work for you? If you do, CONTACT ME ON: WhatsApp: +254 700 461 337 Email: or CLICK on the WEBSITE button below to learn more and JOIN 4Corners TODAY!! You could also FOLLOW ME and CONNECT With Me on TWITTER And FACEBOOK Respectively by CLICKING on the buttons above . I am very delighted to Share With You Our Amazing 4Corners Version 3 COMPENSATION PLAN Table (Income Stream 1 & 2) Which You Can DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW To See How You Get Paid! Regards And HOPE TO SEE YOU JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!!