Pawan Kumar Joshi

Well, I completed my education in the year 1986 Bcom, LLB. Served in a private firm till 1999. Even promoted as director in the company, but left the job, as I wanted to be self employed. I started a computer selling business in the year 2000. I was doing well, but as my business grew I took heavy loans from banks and friends. During 2009-2011 I suffered heavy loss for varied reasons, my bank loans become NPA and the business was virtually closed. But not accepting the defeat, as I had a fascination being connected with the technology, I learned web-development html, php, mysql and started developing websites as also some small applications. I was able to repay most of loan during this time. I have learnt from my own experiences that how you can motivate yourself even during tough times, if you are ready to accept the reality and face the challenges. This experiences motivated me to write this book, where I have given much importance to how you think, which is all matters. Sometimes failures and setbacks changes your default mode of thinking, that is per-dominance of negative thoughts, you can change those thinking pattern. I am sure if you go through the whole book and apply it in your day to day life, you can be far more confident and happier person at whatever position you are.