Philip Lee McCall II (PLMII) / MYTHIX Studios

Hailed by many as “The King of Fantasy”, Philip Lee McCall II or “PLMII” started his rise to fame with “The Imaginist”, in 2005. “The Imaginist” is a reinterpretation of poetic verse for the genres of fantasy and science fiction. PLMII’s fantastically inspired poetry made the form accessible to many who had never read poetry before or considered it a dead art form. The author’s poetic work has been used in educational programs throughout the southeast by innovative teachers looking to bring the poetic form to a whole new generation. In 2003, Philip was a “Creative Writing” student of the late A.C. “Anne” Crispin. His mentor marveled at PLMII’s creative abilities and told him not to give up writing and to pursue it with great passion. Since studying with Ms. Crispin, PLMII has been on a creative writing journey that led to the creation of his own creative writing theory the “3 Aspects of Creative Writing”. PLMII has taught this theory at conventions for over (3) years with great reception from aspiring writers. PLMII has inspired many new writers to embark on their own indie publishing journeys. In 2014, PLMII launched the FLUX-FICTION Anthology, a project where other authors write about characters from PLMII’s “GOD GATES” universe. The roster of the anthology has grown to over (26) authors worldwide. PLMII has also begun publishing novellas from other writers based upon the “GOD GATES” universe. The author also writes “YARN” an ongoing Fantasy anthology. He is also writing (2) comics for “Bloody Pulp Magazine” to be released in the summer of 2014. PLMII has also begun working with a Hollywood producer to bring his Dr. Daedalus stories to television as an ongoing series. PLMII’s fan base reaches beyond the United States extending into Europe, South America, Canada and most recently Asia. The author is both amazed and thankful that his work has touched so many people from all walks of life. He often states that his success is measured by the faithfulness and persistence of his fans to keep him writing. Philip Lee McCall II is owner and founder of MYTHIX STUDIOS, an independent publisher that publishes the growing catalog of PLMII’s works since 2005. The author has written in the following genres; Fantasy, Space Opera, Paranormal, Mythology, and Historical Fiction. The author lives quietly with his muses, Frances, his wife and his daughter Olivia Lee. They share their magical home in Florida with two Rat Terriers named Merlin and Gypsy. PLMII’s books can be purchased at all fine booksellers including Barnes & Noble and Fans can meet with the author, or attend one of his writing panels at the many conventions he attends across the southeastern United States.