I am a 20 something year old who loves to work from home. I also love to spend invaluable time with my Min Pin pup, Mario. I am a firm believer in running your own business because it makes me a better person. From trusting yourself to understand another persons struggles and fulfilling their needs, its amazing. I've done everything to avoid working for someone else...Airbnb, TaskRabbit you name it. It was random at the time but I've had the most interesting experiences and appreciated it. Running a shop (online or offline) takes a lot of dedication, passion and drive. Visit my website to find more guides that will teach you new tips to make life a bit easier! Its been such a great experience running an online business, that I want to help others too. Achieving your dreams by doing what you love, at anytime, isn't pure luck. It will take time and work, but it will be so worth it. Join me on this amazing journey on becoming an entrepreneur!