Project Fit

My name is Rosie James and I am a Personal Trainer with a background as a Registered Nurse. I am also a Mum of 2 beautiful kids. I had struggled with body image and eating well my whole life. As a young adult I left home and travelled overseas. This was one of the most enjoyable times of my life but over that time I gained 10kgs and felt pretty down on myself. Over my two pregnancies I gained another 25kgs. Afterwards I tried all sorts of extremes and lost large amounts of weight in short spaces of time. I was always focused on the number on the scales and how quickly I could get there. Ultimately I put some of the weight back on as these sorts of extremes are not sustainable. I have learnt the real key to success is making small changes to your lifestyle. To achieve a balance of eating healthy family friendly meals full of nutritious ingredients as well as enjoying the odd treat. My family and I have fish and chips every couple of weeks and we go out walking, running or bike riding on the weekends. If I feel like a bit of chocolate after tea I have it but I never miss my morning exercise. In my role as a nurse I had always been passionate about empowering people to keep themselves well so I have developed Project Fit to help you achieve a healthy balance too!