Motorcycle Adventures Around the World

My name is… I am just an ordinary guy but what makes me different is the fact that I am a full-blooded motorcycle enthusiast full of passion for adventure, open to new experiences, exciting challenges and in quest of conquering new horizons. Yes, I am your average guy who wants to change his routine existence by setting out and pursuing a dream, entering a new world, a world so different, so unknown and waiting to be explored. This is my memoir. It depicts my adventures spanning over 2 months and covering a distance of 17,000 kilometers, crossing 11 borders, entering 18 countries and seeing countless, unique, one-of-a-kind breathtaking sights and meeting a whole lot of interesting individuals along the adventure route. If you are searching for information, inspiration, an amusing read, a good laugh and a true depiction of two wondering souls bravely following and realizing their dream to ride across Central Asia, you’ve literally hit the jackpot and came to the right place. You will accompany us through our journey; witness our ups and downs; jump over all hurdles on the way to our final destination. This is a voyage, a true test of strength and perseverance, physical and mental endurance aims to drag you out of your comfort zone and throw you in the arms of the unknown and undefeated. Each day is a true test of survival, a challenge that goes beyond the human strength and can only be conquered by a strong spirit. Each day is a trial and each day is a defeat!