Who Am I? I am a poet, an artist, a musician, an English Major, I am a soul trying to find my way through the confusions of this world. Why Do I Write? Why Do I Play? Why Do I Question Everything? Because I have problems in my head. Because I can express all the failure and love in a way that people absorb. Because Keeping These Thoughts To Myself Is Selfish, Hopefully Someone Finds Love! What Can You Get From My Work? Nothing... Nothing except abstract realizations, re-interpretations, and the sound of beautiful words. Nothing Will Change Unless You Establish A Personal Connection With Your Body, Your Mind, Your Spirit, Your Soul. So What Do I Do? I tell you how. I give you examples. I tell you what I think of what I've seen In Hopes That You Will Rearrange The Way You View Your Life And Everything Around You To Make That Real Change Now!