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I really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me.

— Marj

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Just got my planner and I am printing it now. LOVE IT! So much juicy info.

— Ceri

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Thank you for the webinar yesterday. I appreciate all the work you're doing to support those in the "virtual world".

— Linna

[LIVE Workshop] Fulfill The Practical Dreamer
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Wouldn’t you feel like a rockstar if you could rant, mess up AND freely express yourself in a cosy environment? 

Too good to be true? Not sure. Keep reading my friend.

- You're sick of being the ONLY caring, warm-hearted, grown up amongst your friends. You show up when they need but you rarely have a shoulder to cry on.

- Family, friends think you're too up in the air, or you try to escape the unfairness of today's world.

- Life is confusing. You feel indecisive and you beat youself up for being slower than your peers.

Nodded at least once? Then, you're about to love what's next. 

In Fulfill The Practical Dreamer, you'll learn about BS myths that keep you stuck like:

- the self-help guilt induced by most IG influencers, gurus

- engrained fad trends & limiting beliefs that lead you to believe you're not enough

- people pleasing techniques that shaped your self-worth as Human 

Flipping crazy, isn't it?

For years, I felt like a black sheep... until I ditched ALL this crap to express myself, accept my flaws, & feel safe being just me.

👉🏻 Breaking down toxic positivity is one step, the other step is to master customizable tools to trust your insights 24/7.

In a nutshell, Fulfill The Practical Dreamer covers:

- the power of ranting > finding a silver lining
- the bubbles of self-love 
- the wheel of life
- the counter intuitive method to move the needle

Best of all? No motivation - No willpower - No vision board NEEDED  (I know it sounds sooooo good)

Wouldn't it be super exciting if you could:
- use your imagination to shape your daily happiness
- express yourself freely in a cosy environment (hint: you can & it's called Comfort Zone)
- craft reliable plans you crave to follow because they match who you are (and not the other way around)
- feel dedicated to accept your natural sensitivity AND strenghten your inner sense of safety

💕 Who it's for:

– the misunderstood introvert, quiet, sensitive, creative

– the precious soul, daydreamer who wants to feel free

– the heartbroken soul who deserves to be respected for his/her way of living.

✋🏻 Who it's NOT for:

- people who need 1-1 support 

- anybody whose budget would be at stake by paying the registration fees

– the overnight guru fan, the fad trends follower,  the “follow the herd” fashionista

– the quick fix, scammer, hoax addict

– the “I must be right, I’m extrovert”

⚠️ Nitty Gritty & Tech Details ⚠️

⚠️ Fulfill The Practical Dreamer is a 3-part LIVE workshop:

- part 1: Saturday, 8th January 2022  5PM French time
- part 2: Saturday, 15th January 2022 5PM French time
- BONUS (if you register before December 15th 2021): Saturday, 22nd January 2022 5PM French time


⚠️ You'll need a computer with internet access (NO WEBCAM - NO MIC NEEDED)

⚠️ Lifetime access to the replays

⚠️ PDFs to support you along the way (will be sent in a separate email)

⚠️ Q&A after EACH session

⚠️ BONUS training if you register before December 15th: How to find your dream planner

⚠️ VIP pack (optional): get a printed copy of RESET and a 90-day undated planner for 50% OFF when you sign up for Fulfill The Dreamer

💥 Your Q's - My A's

- Why such a long delay between registration and the workshop? To guarantee you have at least 14 days to change your mind (as stated by EU regulations)

- What if I'm registered but not present LIVE? No worries, you'll receive a replay right after each session with lifetime access.

- What happens if I'm interested? You add to the cart & checkout. Then, you download a PDF with the unique link to register for the LIVE sessions. Double check your email, that's how I'll communicate with you.

- When will I get the PDFs? I'll be sending the PDF a couple of days before each session. Be sure to check your spam folder.

- What if I'm not happy? You can ask for a 100% refund in the next 14 days after your purchase. If the workshop has begun, you lost your rights to ask for a refund. (During checkout you're asked to read our Terms & Conditions)

- For any other Q's, drop a line at I'll be happy to assist you ASAP.
You will get a PDF (263KB) file

Who is this for?

Raven Raising is an online community supporting Mystics & Mavericks on breaking free from toxic positivity & self-help guilt. 

Featured in the Holistic Fashionista Magazine, my Signature Framework (#RavenRaising) has inspired hundreds in trusting their inner knowledge, stop pleasing people, & feeling safe to express their whole self.

Raven Raising is the founder of The Hygge Planner & the upcoming 9-week workshop called Raven Rockstar.

Thanks to you, trees are planted for every purchase. 

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