Dr. R. B. Silverson

Rev. Dr. R. B. Silverson is a gift to the Body of Christ. He is a keen adherent and puissant exponent of biblical principles. Endowed in the arena of tactical and inexorable prayer as well as pellucid and sterling exposition of divine knowledge; he is cardinally a God-lover, a people-lover, and an avowed believer in the substratal God-invested potential in people. Through the progressive techniques of sedimentation, drilling, dredging, exploration, and revelation, Dr. Silverson brings a unique empowerment to the Body of Christ as he pursues and fulfils his God-given mandate of Information, Motivation, and Transformation. For nearly two decades--with the strength and help of the Lord--Dr Silverson has been privileged to partake in, and also lead perhaps thousands of prayer meetings of varying sizes. He has taught people the art of strategic and persistent prayer, and in the process organized 5-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour, and even 40-hour non-stop prayer meetings where participants have "prayed through" and "broken through." He presents sound and proven wisdom guaranteed to positively impart lives through his books. He is happily married, and serves as the President of R. B. Silverson Ministries.