Anuar and Yadira Castro

Who is Anuar & Yadira Castro ? We got married on December of 2011, we have a lot in common but one thing that characterized us in particular is our ability to play team specially when it comes to money, we self funded our wedding a $10,000 wedding hosted in Honduras. We started our life together with a common goal: live a debt free life, build our finances in such way that we have the freedom to live and give like no one else. In 2012 as we started our lives together we found ourselves $47,000 in debt we didn’t had a mortgage we felted very broke, confused, and deeply embarrassed, we had from student loan to credit card debt, mobile phone and everything we were normal. We decided to carefully track our finances and we started budgeting to the point that we knew how much money we needed to live a day, a week, a month, and a year. We started studying finances and that started us on our debt free journey.