Rhonda Lamoureux

Like you, relationship expert, Rhonda Lamoureux, has seen the way so many people struggle with their value and their relationships. Is this really the right person for me? Does he really mean that? Can I trust myself this time to make a better choice? How do I know if this person is really for me for long term? With over two decades of leadership training, coaching, speaking, most importantly, real-life experience, her view is different. Rhonda believes that anyone can have a fulfilling relationship, if they have the keys. Her conviction is that everyone should know their value, know what they want for their relationship and hold it with confidence. Known for her introspective questions and ability to relate, Rhonda has the talent for putting people at ease and helping them unravel their sometimes tangled relationship. Her fusion of conversational style teaching and personal experience connect with his audience at an intimate and individual level. Rhonda has served on the board of directors for several volunteer organizations, churches and non-profits. She has assisted in establishing new programs for schools and business associations. Rhonda has also volunteered for several outreach projects for the community. Living in Auburn, California, Rhonda and her talented husband Don, travel, teach and coach. Together they help women and men discover vibrant relationships and their life purpose.