Richard Orekoya

Richard A Orekoya is a creative poet, prolific writer and an inspirational author who has written numerous unpublished books and a few published ones to the glory of God. Richard, with the stage name Richardo Ores, is also a seasoned facilitator, actor and content producer. He is currently the Lead Project Manager at Micorazon Global Resources and a member BOT for Single Mom Support foundation. He was the former president of 3Hfoundation, and Vigilant and Virtuous Virgins foundation. He has been involved in many spiritual, social and health support programs which have put smiles on the faces of the forlorn in the society. Richard believes in re-building the broken walls of marriage, relationships and family harmony. Having experienced the agony, chaos and disillusionment that accompany a home that lacks the presence of a mother or a father or both parents, he dug deep into the bane of existence of the rampant collapses of many marriages and families in the books 'Sex & what?' and 'Difficult Spouse, Difficult Marriage'. He and his beautiful wife live in Lagos, Nigeria with their children.