Rizel Delano

“She makes you see and feel the story as if it’s happening here, right now in your own living room.” Rizél Delano is writer, author, consultant, investigative journalist and producer Background: Rizél Delano was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa. She started out in sales, marketing, advertising and public relations working for various companies and later established her own communications and reputation management firms. Following a passion for writing and journalism, she closed her businesses in 2004 after a traumatic personal event (the death of her first-born son at age 18) travelled extensively into Africa and obtained vast experience in investigative journalism, backpack journalism, broadcasting, publishing, film production and much later on writing novels. Throughout the years she was invited by several organisations to host workshops and one-on-one training in writing, communications, business strategies, personal motivation and development. Rizél Delano currently lives in Pretoria, South Africa. More here: www.rizeldelano.com