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"I believe all of us are born with style. My mission is to affirm that there is no right or wrong in the world of fashion while guiding people into embodying and expressing their authentic style." ~ Sátin Marché

How-To Plant Your Placenta In Your Houseplant
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Standing firm in your power, claiming full autonomy over yourself by advocating for yourself and your family to keep your placenta is your birthright!

Your Placenta, is Sacred.

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The Village Speaks -

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This was so helpful! Satin helped me catch up around the house and gave it some much needed cleaning/organizing. She was non-judgmental and efficient and I felt very comfortable having her in my space. She was also very professional in her communication ahead of time and in discussing what I wanted to get done. If I wasn’t moving away I would definitely enlist her services again!

— Fiona B.

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I had the pleasure of experiencing SMAI before Satin named it. I had a small studio that I operated my business from & she came over to film some content for my business. Before filming, she began organizing things. By the time she had finished she had totally rearranged things. Sátin decluttered, cleaned, and organized my space in such a way that it felt like a full renovation, when in actuality she never added anything new. I offer healing services and her touch totally shifted the energy of the space. My clients immediately noticed a difference. There’s one thing to clean a space, but Sátin’s eye for decor and high vibration totally transforms things in a practical and functional manner.

— Shatara V.

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Sátin did such a great job organizing my closet! I did not have to guide her at all mostly because I trusted her judgment on what needed to be done, knowing she was going to complete the task that I was overwhelmed with the thought of. She free-styled the placement of my items and helped me process the things that needed to get gone years ago. Doing this brought me a sense of peace… no more clutter. Almost two months later and I am still able to maintain the look. Thank you for helping me!

— Neicey G.


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