Co-Founder of SalesTutor-Sales Success made Simple and Editor of SalesLife Magazine based in Cape Town, South Africa. Youshaa has been involved in Sales & Entrepreneurship - in various capacities for over 20 years now in South Africa. He has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing & has won numerous awards in the sales sector at top blue-chip companies he has done work for. He is proficient in digital marketing, graphic design and typography and his courses are hybrids of the three. He is especially intrigued & passionate about Sales and Marketing Psychology and its intrinsic connection to Philosophy. He fosters a spiritual and purposeful approach to his Sales teachings. A fresh, holistic take on Sales & Marketing. His hybrid courses connect contemporary, aesthetically-pleasing graphic design and typography with powerful, new-age sales psychology merged with innovative sales and marketing skills. His philosophies employ the laws of abundance, affirmation, attraction, reciprocity and duality among others to work in unity with the sales skills and tools you receive. His intention and preferred outcome for you, is always to leverage sales and revenue with spiritual & purposeful fulfillment extracted therefrom and the actionable integration of the two in your life and career for your success. He is the author of The Manifesto of the Spiritual Salesman. You can connect with Youshaa via social media or email. email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Subscribe free to SalesLife Magazine @ To your success!