Samyukta Wedding Show

The Samyukta team is elated to be launching our second annual wedding magazine at Samyukta Wedding show, 2018. After the stupendous success of our first ever wedding show last year, we decided to take this year’s issue of our wedding magazine to the global platform and have worked hard to present to you this magazine, keeping in mind our readers’ keen interest for content quality. The brand Samyukta was launched in 2016, with a small team of professionals, coming together to create a platform to unite talented individuals from various nooks and corners of the wedding industry. Our sole intention is to put out the best options for attending brides and grooms. In that endeavor, the wedding magazines released each year, supplement the experience at the show with all the information the attendees need and the magazine this year is definitely an accomplishment on a different level for us at Samyukta and a treat for the readers! Team Samyukta has worked hard to cater to the needs of all their exhibitors and as a token of appreciation will vouch to keep the momentum created by Samyukta and do everything in their capacity to continue promoting all their trusted exhibitors and force forward to growing them in greater numbers. With the release of their wedding magazines annually at the show, team Samyukta aims to keep this day imprinted in the minds of the attendees and cherish the content, carefully put together for their readers! Taking care to only add content of value and worth for the reader, Team Samyukta has collated a mixture of articles, real life stories, editorials and ads that will benefit the reader in one way or another. Team Samyukta has operated thus far with one purpose in mind and that is, each exhibitor who put their trust and faith in us, reap positive rewards as a result of this event and stay with us, as a close knit family, true to the meaning of the Sanskrit word “Samyukta” - meaning united!!! Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all our contributors, photographers, trusted exhibitors, sponsors, make-up artists, stylists, models, coordinators and every single person who helped put together this edition of Samyukta wedding magazine! With Sincere Gratitude, Narayani Manchuthan, Editor