Tiffany Ciara - Sassy Spiritual Chic

Tiffany Ciara is a first time, self-taught author and an independent and dedicated mum, to a teenage daughter. Tiffany is able to bring her creative thought processes to life with her own unique style and vision. Several years ago, after ten years within office roles, she bravely took the plunge into self-employment and stared her own craft business from home, which she later grew, using various online platforms. After a short period of allowing her creative juices to flow within a quiet setting, Tiffany was able to tune into her intuition more effectively. She then began to hear, what she describes as, “My souls calling” which lead her down an unfamiliar path of intense healing. By gradually acknowledging the pain and abusive nature of her past, Tiffany aimed to gain enough knowledge on the subject of narcissism, to enable her to help others who have suffered the same torment. As she has always been an empathic listener to others, Tiffany made the decision to combine the two and now runs an online, worldwide listening service, named Sassy Spiritual Chic, which, is designed to support survivors of narcissistic abuse.