Satin Marche

Satin Marche embarked on her Youtube journey in July of 2016. Much like you, this was new for her. She was unsure about everything & she didn't know what to expect. The only thing she knew was that she was creative, she wanted to inspire people, her life was pretty interesting & she embodied many different things for many people to see. From there, she took a leap & it has landed her in a position of progress. Not every moment of being a youtuber has been easy, especially being creative; it can be hard to stick to one thing, but it has been worth it. When you genuinely love something, it will always be worth it! Satin entered into the Youtube world with her iPhone & digital camera. Although she could have used her iPhone to record videos, the thought of recording with her camera "seemed" more appealing, but it was a struggle! Her digital camera at the time  consisted of  propping it up, recording a clip to see how it looked, adjusting it, recording some more & adjusting it a little more until she got it right. She didn't have all of the cool tech everyone else had so she became discouraged. She focused more on what she didn't have & she couldn't imagine anyone wanting to watch her "low-quality" videos so it took a lot for her to actually want to record, edit & put out more content. She realized that even if her videos were "low-quality", if people really want to support her, they will! Since then, being label as a youtuber amongst many other things has alll been a humbling journey for her. Through it all, she has yet to give up! Nothing she does is without purpose!