Bed Bug bites can be a major case of irritation and discomfort, bed bugs does not spare anyone and anything for as long as they can feed with their victims blood. These creatures cannot be found easily, they are nocturnal for that reason you can hardly spot them especially at daytime. As stated by most pest control experts you should also watch out for these following indications that you have a bed bug at home. Similar to most insects, bed bugs does molt or rather shed a layer of their outer covering, it is to replace it with an entirely new layer. You should also look out for some bug excretions, this may also be bed bugs, they usually leave dark marking or spots on fabrics, especially on where they previously bred. Rust colored signs on your sheets may also be a sign, it indicates that bugs may have been crushed. Prevention as the saying goes is always the best cure, a clean and fresh surroundiong doesn't always guarantee a bug-free home, especially if bed bugs are the case, as they also infest a clean home just like they do in cluttered dirty homes. Having the right knowledge about certain effective ways to get rid of bed bugs, can be a step to keep your family beg bug bite free,always keep in mind to take immediate action to exterminate them before they growing into a massive infestation.