Sean P. Dent

Sean started his nursing career as a diploma-trained Registered Nurse. After five years of practice pursued and attained his Masters in Nursing. Nursing was his portal into Web 2.0, the world of Blogging, and online social media. He loved telling stories. Through his blogging, over the past decade, he became a student of social media. Sean teaches entrepreneurs how to establish and grow their social footprint. He teaches the essentials of being on social through content strategy efficiency tips, how-to hacks on creating, managing and promoting your online presence and learning how to use video to grow their business. He posted a vlog every day for a full calendar year and now teaches other side-hustle and start-up entrepreneurs his workflow secrets on how to use social media and all things video. He shows others how easy it is to engage with their audience and produce quality content on a small budget while still maintaining their full-time life.