Sheneta Speaks

ShenetaRenee is an Empowerment Speaker, Author, Coach & Entrepreneur who through writing, speaking & coaching uses her voice to empower & equip men & women to show up for themselves, stand up for others & take control of their life. As a result of her coaching & speaking individuals become empowered to take control of their life, turn their pain into purpose & become warriors that advocate for themselves and others. ShenetaRenee believes that everyone has the right to be powerful in their life & to create their life on their own terms. She knows that the empowerment coaching she does changes lives because it changed hers. ShenetaRenee holds a life degree in how to heal and overcome the life altering effects of child abuse. Thus she is now willing & able to help other survivors to do the same. She now resides in Winterville Nc with her supportive husband and daughter.