bahri hamidi

•Launched many marketing campaigns internationally, include Middle East. •Achieved 35% discount on all advertisements. •Won the deal to broadcast the children movies within the holy month of Ramadan after Iftar time for free. •Participated in many public festivals; Al-Ahly Club 2007, Semoha Club 2008, Sporting Club 2008 & Concord hotel 2009. ◦Awarded as manager of the year for 2008 in recognition of outstanding performance & tactfully resolving sensitive issues. Best employee in calming down irate customers. Key Responsibilities •Key member of all important community festivals & conferences, which includes VIP’s from domestic & international community; such as Kuwait, Syria, Yemen, & Libyan ambassadors. •Keep & maintain relationship with ministries, government bodies, organizations, companies & businessmen. •Analyze donors feedback. •Set plans for team works on how to achieve maximum donations. •Set & develop advertisements, marketing plans, projects’ materials; ways of donations, how to