Amanda Morash-Parsons

In her mid-30s, Amanda Certainly didn't plan to be sitting at the dining room table with Child Services for the 5th time. Why did her path get so screwed up? At what point did the conductor decide to do a 180 and send her back toward the hell that she was trying to leave in her past? Heartbroken and contemplating suicide, she found herself at the mercy of the universe, and this time it was going to take her on the roller-coaster ride from hell. She would be faced with a choice: get off the ride or keep allowing the pain, anguish, and ridicule to continue until she put an end to her life. But getting off the ride meant leaving her family and possibly her children behind; how could she do that? No, chasing her own dreams, seeking a life of happiness, was not a possibility for her. Perhaps reliving her family history was her destiny after all. Deserving of Love is a tell-all, uninhibited look at one woman's determination to break the family cycle-to stop hating and fighting-and find the love she was desperately seeking. With a burning will to survive, Amanda starts a journey that will not only bring tears to your eyes but also make you laugh along the way. Her search for love and happiness will take you through a turbulent life filled with divorce, alcoholism, mental illness, and desperation. Her story will be an inspiration and source of hope for every person who has felt desperate and alone.