Strong Hungry Girl

Sarah. An army wife, mom of 3 boys, full time conference manager, and lover of all things food, fitness and beauty. I created Strong Hungry Girl as an outlet to express myself creatively and share my insight and healthy living journey. I grew up as a lover of food thanks to my busy working mom who engrained in me the importance of healthy eating. I attribute my fearless attitude (and one-pot meal obsession) to my dad, though. I went to the University of Delaware for Hotel, Restaurant Management where I gained a great deal of hands on experience in a professional kitchen and learned everything I now know about cooking. In my adult life I have had weight struggles and quickly learned that food and fitness in my life is going to be an ongoing journey that is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. I have a passion for cooking at home for my family and using the best ingredients possible while still making cooking less intimidating and achievable for busy people in their everyday lives.