To get started adding your product, visit your “Add product” page by clicking on the “Add product” button on your dashboard page.

You’ll see a number of fields on this page, but firstly start by uploading the files for your product via the “Upload product files”. Please note you can add multiple files here, for example you could upload your product PDF, EPUB and MOBI files.

Next, add the title for your product along with your chosen price. You can also add the cover image for your product and add a description.

Key Note

If you type “0+” in the price field, this means that you customers can choose any price at all (including free) to pay for your product. As an example, if you type “5+”, this means that your customers must pay $5 as a minimum, but have the choice to pay more above that figure.

Clicking the “Advanced options” links shows two options. The “Upload one or more pages as a preview” option allows you to upload a file (eg a 5 page PDF) which allows your customers to see an excerpt of the product they will be purchasing. In the “Limit the number of copies of this product to be sold” option if you type “500” for example, this means that you would like only 500 copies of your product to be available for purchase.