There is a two stage process to creating subscriptions: firstly you’ll need specify the subscription details and then adding one or many plans to that subscription.

Adding Subscription

From the dashboard, click Add New Product

Select Create Subscription

Choose a name for the subscription and optionally you can choose to add a description and an icon image.

To add a plan, please provide the following information:

1. Plan Name – a name for the plan

2. Recurring Price – the amount which subscribers will be charged on a recurring basis

3. Interval – the interval at which subscribers are charged, either ‘Monthly’, ‘3 Months’, ‘6 Months’, ‘Yearly’ or ‘Custom’. Please note, a custom interval cannot exceed 1 year.

4. Description – description for the plan

5. Trial period – after subscribing, the number of days after the signup date at which the subscriber will be charged

Once completed, click Add Subscription

Once all the above is done, you’ll get a lovely checkout flow that you can use on Payhip or on your own website.