With Payhip you can sell recurring subscriptions or memberships to your customers.

Creating subscriptions is a two step process. First, you’ll need to specify the details of the subscription and then you can add one or many plans to that subscription.

Key Note
Before you can charge for subscriptions, you’ll first need to connect your Stripe account to Payhip.

Add a subscription

To get started with adding a subscription, select “+ Add New” under “Your Products” on your admin dashboard homepage, or select “Products” at the top of the screen followed by “Add Product”.

Then select “Add Subscription Product”.

On the next page, choose a name for your subscription. You can also add a description and an icon image (to be displayed on the customer’s subscription page and at checkout). If you do choose to add a description, keep it short (e.g. one or two sentences).

Now you’re ready to add your plan(s).

Add a plan

To add a plan, you’ll need to provide the following information:

Plan name – A name for the plan.

Recurring price – The amount that subscribers will be charged on a recurring basis.

Interval – How often subscribers will be charged. This can be either monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, yearly, or a custom period of time. Please note that a custom interval cannot exceed 1 year.

Description – A description for the plan. Again, try to keep this short.

Trial period – You can choose to add a free trial period to your subscription, meaning that customers won’t be charged for the first time until X number of days after subscribing.

Assign products – You can give the customer access to any of the digital products that you’ve added when they sign up for your plan.

When you’re done creating your plan, select “Add Subscription” or, if you want to create another plan option, select “Add another plan”.

Key Note
You can create as many plans as you like.
That said, we recommend adding 2-3 plans so as not to confuse your customers with too much choice.

Collect shipping address

You’ll also see the option to “Collect shipping address”. Check this box if you’re including physical products with the subscription that you’ll need to send to the customer.

Advanced options

Clicking on “Advanced Options” brings up some additional options.

Here’s what they mean:

Add your own custom header image – Upload an image to be displayed at the top of the product page for your subscription. If you don’t want to upload an image, then we’ve provided a default one for you.

Automatically subscribe customers to mailing list – Checking this box will mean that anybody who buys your subscription will automatically be added to your mailing list. First you will need to make sure that you’ve connected your email marketing program to Payhip. Head to “Marketing” > “Mailing Lists” to do that.

For your subscribers download area – If you’ve assigned products to the subscription, this will allow you to group them into a special download area for easy access. You can send existing users to the product page to sign in and access their content, or send them directly to the login page by adding “/login” to the end of the product URL. Here’s what the download area looks like:

Once all the above is done, you’ll get a lovely checkout flow that you can use on Payhip or on your own website. To test out this flow, you can create a free subscription and sign up for it yourself.