Selling your product via affiliates is a great way to multiply your sales and promotion efforts, allowing your network to promote your products for you.

Sign up affiliates

To sign up a new affiliate, you’ll need to give them your unique affiliate signup code, which can be found under “Marketing” > “Affiliates” in your admin dashboard.

Key Note
If you click on your affiliate signup URL whilst logged in, you’ll be redirected to your admin dashboard. To test out this link, you’ll need to log out or open it in an incognito window.

Once an affiliate signs up using your unique URL, they’ll see the following page:

They should then click on the option to “enter your payment details” or go to “Settings” in the top menu. This will take them to a page where they can enter the PayPal email address that you should use when processing their payouts.

Now it’s time for you to approve the affiliate and give them some products to promote.

Approve affiliates and add products

To approve a new affiliate, head to “Marketing” > “Affiliates” where you’ll now see your pending affiliate listed.

Hit the “Approve” button and the option to “Add Product” will appear.

Click on this and a modal will pop up where you can select which product you’d like the affiliate to promote and select the percentage of the sale that they’ll receive. (You can also set them to be able to promote all of your products).

When you’re done, hit “Add Product” and that product will be added to the affiliate’s list of promotable products.
To add another product, simply hit the “Add Product” button again and repeat the process.

You can click the “View Products” button to see the list of products that the affiliate can currently promote. From here you can also edit the percentage of the sale that the affiliate will receive.

Here’s what the affiliate will see once you’ve set up some products for them to promote:

From this page, they can get the URLs that they need to use when promoting your products. These URLs contain their unique affiliate key so that any sales they direct to your Payhip site via these links will be correctly attributed to them and their share of the sale will be calculated.

The “Your affiliate profile page” is the URL that they can use to send visitors to your store home page. There’s also a URL that goes directly to each product that they’re able to promote – they can find this by clicking on the “Affiliate Links” button for that product.

Delete an affiliate

To delete an affiliate, all you need to do is click the “X” button for that affiliate.

Key Note
You will need to handle making payments to affiliates yourself. We provide monthly affiliate sales reports that provide the PayPal email of the affiliate and the commission they earned for each month. You can find this report by visiting your “Marketing” page, clicking on the “Affiliates” tab, and finally clicking on the “View Affiliate Sales Report” button.