Selling your product with affiliates is a great way to multiply your sales and promotion efforts.

To make use of our really easy to use affiliate program, you firstly request affiliates to signup using your unique URL which can be found in the affiliate tab.

Once an affiliate signs up using your unique URL, you can approve them by enabling the product they have access to. You have the option to enable an affiliate to promote all your product including those that you may add in the future.

Once an affiliate has signed up you can approve them by visiting your affiliate page and clicking on the “Approve” button beside their email address.

The next stage is to assign products for the affiliate to start promoting. Click on the “Add product” button and then firstly select the product you wish to be promoted and then enter the percentage commission that you’d like that affiliate to receive for a successful sale.

You can edit the percentage that the affiliate will receive by clicking on the “View products” button and then finally clicking on the “Edit” link.

Payments to affiliates are automatic and immediate via Paypal.