By default, you’ll be on Payhip’s Free Forever plan. At $0 per month, this comes with all features, unlimited products, and unlimited revenue, but you will be charged a 5% fee by us on any transactions processed through your Payhip site. This is great for if you’re just getting started, but once the sales start rolling in you’ll want to upgrade to reduce your transaction fee.

For $29 a month you can upgrade to the Plus plan and we’ll reduce the transaction fee to 2%. Or, for just $99 per month, you can be on our Pro plan and there will be no transaction fee from us at all. What a deal!

Key Note
PayPal and Stripe will still charge their transaction fees.

How to upgrade your account

To upgrade your Payhip account, go to “Account” > “Settings” and then click on the “Billing & Invoices” tab.

Then all you need to do is choose the plan that you’d like to upgrade to, enter your credit card details, and that’s it. You’re upgraded!