How does cross selling work?

Let’s say you have two products – “The Hounds of Baskerville” and “A Study in Scarlet”. If a customer adds product “The Hounds of Baskerville” to their cart, then a notification will appear prompting them to add “A Study in Scarlet” to their cart with the incentive of a 25% discount for the second product.

Why should I setup a cross sell?

It’s great for your sales! Customers are already showing interest in one of your products when they add it to their cart, so why not suggest another product they might like? They might have not even been aware that the other product was available for sale. To encourage them they’re given a discount for the other product if they do decide to go ahead. What’s not to like!

The net result of cross selling is that the average value of the cart for your customers will be increased, since more of them are likely to add more items to their cart and so your sales numbers get a big bump.

How do I set it up?

Visit your “Marketing” page, click on the “Cross Selling” tab and then click on the “Add Cross Sell” button to add your first cross sell. You’ll see two steps:

Step 1 – Select the product you’d like to be the “trigger product” for the cross sell. This is the product which when a buyer “adds to cart”, then gets the ball rolling.

Step 2 – For the above trigger product, select the “promoted products” that you’d like to be associated with it. So lets say a customer clicks “add to cart” on a particular product, the promoted products are the products which are prompted to the buyer for them to add to cart as well, along with a discount for each.


Cross selling on mobile

It’s not currently possible for the cross sell to be displayed on mobile devices. Since the customer is working with a smaller screen size, the less distractions the better when it comes to conversions.