To allow your buyers to go directly to Paypal or Stripe and skip the intermediary Payhip page, you can construct URLs to do this for you. For example:

This will take buyers direct to Paypal or Stripe, once they pay, they will be redirected to the download page as normal. If they are an EU customer, they will have to enter their address first so that we can calculate VAT.

You can also apply coupon codes automatically for customers like so:

In addition, to the above you can specify how buyers pay:


The reason for this is that if you have both payment options enabled, customers will need to choose which payment method, but if you choose one for them we can take them directly to the pay page.

You can put all the above options together like so:

This will apply a coupon code of “CODE”, to the product “YTOj” and send the customer directly to Paypal to pay.