I am a high school teacher with nearly two decades of long experience. I have come across different kinds of students. They helped me to gather experience and I kept on developing newer methods for making study an enjoyable thing to them. I was successful until I discovered the most difficult student in my carrier; he is no other than my only son - diagnosed by the psychiatrist as an ADHD child. It was a really challenging job for me to teach my own son. I toiled day after day, lastly I've developed the most effective study technique which is suitable for nearly all sorts of students. An adult student can exploit more out of these techniques. And I believe, if my son with a maddening hyperactivity and inattentiveness can be successfully taught in this method, then most students can be successfully taught. Though I don't dare claiming this as the best method for all. I am still in my educational research; hope to find out more effective way of learning.