Ibukun Komolafe

My name is Ibukun Komolafe, I am that business and personal development expert that break things down for you in a way you will understand. I am a techie. I can use loads of gadgets and apps I create sustainable solutions for individuals and business. I am also the CEO of @mobridals. Oh my I also love teenagers and I spend quality time teaching and molding them. And I sleep very, very well at night because I don't do any of the sleazy, ethically questionable, get-rich-quick things that many "experts" do these days. I play the game straight-up, and show you how to do the hardwork, I will never leave you with overnight success hype and million-dollar "lounge on the beach" promises. I am going to tell you without any hesitation that putting the strategies I teach into practice + plus the clarity I give, you can have an audience that grows larger month after month and becomes more and more willing to buy from you. This isn't rocket science. It's smart relationship building + good use of technology + proper brand positioning and it's been making people money since the beginning of time.