Tantraz Comics Bali

Founded in October 2013, Tantraz Comics Bali is a local publication house founded by a visionary Bali's own local talent, Ary Wicahyana. Tantraz Comics is an outlet of his vision and hopes to embrace local talents such as writers, illustrators and artists to further develop their creativity and to produce their work of art. The Chronicle of Calonarang; Baladeva “Way of Tiger” is the first publication released into the market in form of an exclusive glossy A4 landscape in digital printing, showcasing an astonishing visual and simple storytelling method, as well as in eBook version offering two languages; Bahasa Indonesia and English. The second series is Blazing Red followed by book three is Son of Fire, and more series we’ll be continued to create and release. The eBook version is in PDF format that can be purchased and downloaded in our website to your electronic reading device. Tantraz Comics Bali is a growing publication house that will continue introducing the rich historical culture that Indonesia has to offer, in a form of interesting storytelling with a visual drawing that considered as an art rather than a simply comic book. In addition, we have created comic cartoon series for a younger audience with more amusing and entertaining story-telling method. The cartoon series is only available in a hard copy version in Bahasa Indonesia.