Taoufik Tchao

Taoufik Tchao is a computer engineering student in Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey and a Qur'an reciter. Born in 17 October 1992 in Togo, Taoufik Tchao is from a small family, his father's name is Suleiman Tchao passed away in October 2005 and mother's name is Saibou Fati passed away in March 2014. He has two brothers, elder brother Mohamed Rabiou Tchao and little brother Mohamed Tchao. His dream is to promote his religion "Islam", helping people to teach them the Holy Quran and to assist any person in need in order to find a better life. To be the helping hand of students and poor people who are suffering to feed themselves. His journey was not easy. He experienced many ups and downs. He passed through those miseries where food is luxury and where He cannot even afford his school fees. He has now made it his personal mission to Help People Learning and memorizing the Quran by the will of Allah.