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Hey! I am Ayanna

Also known as The Queen of Bestselling Books. I work with authors and aspiring authors to fulfill their bestselling author dreams.

As the CEO of Thanx A Mills, LLC, a Self-Publishing Consultant Company, I specialize in writing, marketing, and publishing bestselling books.

I create Bestselling Authors so that they can maximize book sales, gain authority in their niche, and create multiple streams of income.

What people are saying

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Omg! I’ve been an author for over 10 years now and I’m now on my 7th book. What I’ve learned about book marketing and branding from ThanxAMills in just 1 month has been completely game changing. The insider secrets have been shared with me to elevate my author status have been priceless! I’m so glad that I found ThanxAMills on Clubhouse… I highly recommend her services!

— Dr. Catrise Austin

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My name is Dr. Merary Simeon and I was apart of Ayanna’s anthology program. I wrote my story in less than 2 weeks because I used her training, I was in a magazine, on a billboard and I sold 75 books the month of the book release. I highly recommend her program.

— Dr. Merary Simeon

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I had the pleasure of working with Queen Ayanna, on helping me professionally in marketing my book, and answering millions of questions about the process of getting my book to Sell. She did exactly what she promised she would do. My book became a Amazon Best Seller. She was extremely professional and very knowledgeable!! Ayanna is the Best, very Loveable, and Easy to work with!!!!!

— First Lady, Janet Snipe

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