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The Wealth Building Series-Creating Lasting Wealth-Volume 1


About Me

About The Author

Annette Thomas is the author of several books on business, leadership, and personal development. She owns a widely distributed blog, The Digital Vibe. Want to read some of her latest writings? You can enjoy some of these amazing pieces on her website when you visit. She is an Internet Entrepreneur and dabbles in a podcast. Yes, there is more to her meets the eye!

As a professional speaker she has created and hosts a podcast, The Digital Vibe Podcast, that is heard and listened to worldwide. Lots of fans!

What does Annette do in her spare time?? Book reading. Not only busy writing, and becoming a money-making author she takes the time to read non-related books in her spare time. Binging on episodes of Star Trek Discovery and throwback shows is a delight!

If you want to get to know Annette you can visit her website at, and "get to know", sort of a virtual meeting without the meeting. Enjoy!

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