The Hygge Planner by Ophelie B.

Rock Your Comfort Zone & Be Unapologetically Confident
by Crafting A Cosiness-Based Way Of Life You're Happy With

In Denmark, we got (for centuries) a very effective cosiness-based way of life that helps us to be on the top 3 HAPPIEST country in the world EVERY YEAR. 

Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading...


📘 You read all the books…

🎙 You attended all the workshops & teleclasses…

🔐 You spent $$$$ in masterminds or programs where all you got is superficial/ fake tips

💥 You got all the knowledge but you STILL struggle to connect the dots

Let’s be honest, you don’t fit in... You're lost and confused.

You're NOT your mother (baby boomer) NOR your daughter (millenial). 

✨ What if Unstoppable Confidence For Women Over 30 Could Begin Inside Comfort Zone? ✨

I help women, like You, To:

-Wrap Your Head Around this cosiness-based system

-Put This sytem Into Action At Home & With Your Whole Family

-Craft A Real Life Comfort Zone & Turn It Into A 24/7 Self Confidence


you master your schedule to have spare time for fun,
🌟 you slow down & enjoy a simple way of living,
🌟 you get a higher quality of life
🌟 you nurture healthy bonds with your kids and SO
🌟 you create a sense of togetherness at home
🌟 and, eventually,  you become the unapologetic & confident you're meant to be

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is So Overpraised

“Magic” happens INSIDE Comfort Zone as well.

I’ll show you how to craft a life that looks like you with Hygge: Cosy, Homey, & Confident.

✨ You're meant to be a limited edition not a carbon copy of all the BS self-help all the gurus are ruminating over and over. ✨