The Hygge Planner by Ophelie B.

Defy Expectations as an Intuitive & Non Conformist Souls

Tools to Be Unapologetically Calm & Confident Even When Life S....


📘 You read all the books…

🎙 You attended all the workshops & teleclasses…

🔐 You spent $$$$ in masterminds or programs where all you got is superficial/ fake tips

💥 You got all the knowledge but you STILL struggle to connect the dots

Let’s be honest, you don’t fit in... You may feel lost and confused.

Since 2017, I help Intuitive & Non Conformists Souls , like You, To:

-Wrap Your Head Around this cosiness-based system

-Put This sytem Into Action At Home

-Craft A Real Life Comfort Zone & Turn It Into A 24/7 Self Confidence


you have spare time for fun,
🌟 you slow down & enjoy a simple way of living,
🌟 you nurture healthy bonds with yourself
🌟 you create a sense of togetherness at home
🌟 and, eventually, you feel confident even during moments of crisis

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is So Overpraised

“Magic” happens INSIDE Comfort Zone as well.

✨ You're meant to be a limited edition not a carbon copy of all the BS self-help all the gurus are ruminating over and over. ✨

About the Founder:

Ophelie is the Founder of The Hygge Planner, an online community supporting Intuitive souls and non conformists on defying expectations by turning Comfort Zone & Cosiness (Hygge) into a lifestyle that cares for them.

Apart from designing planners, Ophelie is a spiritually sensitive Empath, writer, speaker, and tarot reader. Her CPR Signature Method has inspired hundreds of Intuitives in following their inner compass and trusting their own intuition.

Through her planning system, intro courses, and Masterclasses, Ophelie’s mission is to make you feel unapologetically you, calm and confident, even during moments of crisis. The Hygge Planner is proudly giving back by planting trees for every purchase. Visit learn at