Priscilla Melinda Visser

Author’s Biography: Name: Priscilla Melinda Visser Age: 29 Residence: Idas Valley Stellenbosch My name is Priscilla Melinda Visser, unknown author from Delft on the Cape Flats. Born from mother Marilyn Fredericks and Father Patrick Fredericks in the most beautiful town of Stellenbosch. I currently reside in Stellenbosch with hope to give my two children a better future. I have been writing for many years, and I have recently come out of a spell of writer’s block which lasted for more than six years. I can tell you many things about myself but for that I would need write another book. My story is very cliché that is why I resort to dreaming and creating fictitious characters and lives in my books. With this my first book that I have made available for publication and it is the first insert of a trilogy. I would love to make people guess and wonder about me and who I am and where I come from. I love creating.