The Sabbaticals

We quit our jobs to travel the world for a year...with kids 👨👩👧👶

Traveling with kids in tow was new to us, we didn’t know exactly how different it was going to be vs traveling as a couple (think maximum speed and efficiency :-). 

As we were getting ready for our one-year adventure, we looked everywhere for information on how much a gig like this might cost. Or, where to go and how long to stay there to survive with our savings. 

But all we could find was vague info on expected daily costs hard data that we could crunch. So we ended up not having a budget at all - instead, we just tracked our expenses and checked our balance every 3-4 weeks in the beginning....and much, much more often as the money dwindled :-) We made it in the end, but it was a close call. 

In retrospect, if we had known better what to expect, we might have done a few things differently - chosen different destinations, avoided some admittedly stupid mistakes...

Which is why we’re summing up all the carefully tracked costs into a very detailed (intimate even) overview of all our spending. Everything we’ve spent while traveling with 2 kids through 13 countries is there: plane tickets, hotels, airbnbs, entry fees, sim cards, food and snacks...everything will be there

We're starting with Australia now (March '19) and the rest will follow over the next couple of months.

Happy travels!

the sabbaticals

Hope you find it useful!