This Self (powered by Prosper Taruvinga) is here to: 1-Help you reunite with your long lost SELF, 2-Show you actual, results-driven personal development without sugar coating, bullshit, or hype, 3-Make you work, hard work: recognizing that it takes massive effort to become successful 4-Nurture long-term thinking: and help you invest in yourself 5-Cultivate a need for the life-long pursuit of personal development 6-Reveal advanced concepts, strategies, techniques, and tools for making lasting improvements 7-Help you unleash your full self potential 8-Help you to find your true life purpose 9-Get you to stay on track with your purpose after you’ve found it 10-Push you to become world-class at what you do 11-Assist you in creating financial success, creative autonomy, freedom, and lasting fulfillment 12-Help you build emotional awareness 13-Walk you through mastering self-awareness 14- And just make you a Fucking awesome HUMAN-