Vegan Cooking with Love

Michelle Johnson is a vegan home cook who helps men and women who want to make vegan food that's delicious, easy to make and that they can be proud to serve. Michelle has been a high school teacher and has a Masters in School Counseling. Although she no longer works as a teacher, the love for the art stays with her as she teaches thousands of people who to cook vegan food on her YouTube channel, Vegan Cooking with Love, which has over 40,000 subscribers. Having the privilege of growing up with a single mother who was an excellent cook, Michelle learned early on to appreciate good food. Growing up, she was always much more interested in eating than learning to cook, but she finally got tired of takeout and frozen dinners in her late thirties and learned how to cook, with a little help from the Food Network. In 2009, after finally getting comfortable and somewhat proficient in the kitchen, Michelle discovered the horrors of factory farming and immediately switched to a vegetarian diet. One month later, she become vegan. In many ways, Michelle felt like she had to start her culinary education all over again. As she learned, her desire to help others learn to cook really good vegan food grew. She has always believed that the best way to show people that a compassionate diet doesn't equal bland food is to feed them delicious food. When she's not testing and creating recipes, Michelle enjoys listening to podcasts about technology, productivity and living life on her own terms.