VeganIslandGirl - Tonya Jackson

Tonya Jackson is an Antiguan blogger with a passion for creating plant-based recipes and is an advocate for healthy living and natural skincare. In 2015 she adopted a vegan lifestyle, and created to showcase the creative recipes she developed. Tonya was motivated to transition to a vegan/plant-based way of living for health reasons, which has resulted in numerous benefits to date. Over time her motivations for maintaining this diet and lifestyle expanded to ethical and environmental reasons, where both factors are impacted by traditional eating practices. was developed to express Tonya’s love of cooking, and to demonstrate that plant-based eating habits can be both enjoyable and manageable. Her goal is to demonstrate how simple and inexpensive a plant-based diet can be, and to motivate individuals to consume less animal products. In addition to creating vegan recipes, Tonya has a special interest in natural skincare, and regularly posts her skincare regimens and tips via social media. Tonya attained a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies and eCornell in January 2017. With this knowledge she expects to develop more plant-based recipes, and spread awareness on this very beneficial diet.